Top 10 reasons every home should have a Sonos Play:3

Top 10 reasons every home should have a Sonos Play:3

First of all keeping this from ballooning into a Top 50 reasons why every home should have a Sonos was hard as the benefits to owning one of these little beauties are great.

In no particular order here are the reasons why Sonos are staying ahead of the game when it comes to Wireless HiFi Music Systems;
  1. The Sound.

    When it comes to Sonos the sound that their systems produce is BIG. If you have the Play:3 alone then there is no stereo effect, but if you have 2 Play:3’s then you can simply pair then both up and get full stereo sound from them. For the size of the Sonos Play:3 the audio quality is surprisingly clear and will definitely impress you and your mates.
  2. Expand

    It’s like the start of your Lego empire, you start off with one piece of kit, i.e. The Sonos Play:5 then after a few months you think, I wouldn’t mind getting a Play:3 for my kitchen. You simply purchase your Play:5 along with the Sonos Bridge and at a push of a button they are all up and running taking to each other.You don’t even have to purchase Sonos Speaker Systems, you could for instance grab yourself some Canton Speakers, fit them in your ceiling (let’s just say you own a swanky bar in town) and grab yourself a Sonos Connect:AMP hook it all up and BOOM your good to go. With your Sonos Play:3 Music System, Play:5 and Canton Ceiling Speakers all playing in perfect sync.
  3. Wireless

    Well this is the main reason Sonos is so awesome!.. This is probably the main selling point for the products. You can simply connect it up with your home WiFi and sync up the player and you’re away. They have made this process so very simple so that the instillation time is as little of possible and they have done well.
  4. Music Library

    Once your all connected up you can either download the Sonos App or use your Sonos Controller to browse through your own iTunes library or choose from one of the thousands of free radio stations that are available to you.The even cooler part is that if you have an account with Spotify or Napster you can sign into your account via the Sonos App and stream an song in the world near enough, even browser through top 10 chats from the past, some of the features available will really blow your mind.
  5. Easy to set up

    Once again they have tried very hard and succeeded at keeping it simple. You don’t need to be a genius at all when it comes to wiring a Sonos Player up in your home. Firstly you connect your Sonos Bridge or the Sonos Player directly to your wireless router then download the app, use your sonos control or get the PC / MAC software and have the power at your fingertips.
  6. Affordable

    Let’s be honest Sonos is not the cheapest out there, but one thing they have done recently and keep trying to do is bring the price down. When you buy anything Sonos you may at first think “why did I spend that much” but you will soon realise.. Yeah it was worth it.
  7. Design

    The New Sonos Play 3 is just brilliant. The simplicity of the device is what make the Play:3 what it is. Its not covered in buttons, volume controls etc. It is what is is.. A wireless speaker.
  8. Spotify

    The brilliance with the Sonos products is that if you are already a BIG music fan you are likely to have a Spotify premium account because, well.. You can play all the music in the world nearly for £10 a month, then you can link up your spotify account with Sonos App and stream everything directly through your sonos music system with no additional charges.I highly recommend that you sign up for the free trial with Spotify and you will see what you are missing out on.
  9. Support

    Via the Sonos website they have a very large Support section where you can simply search for your answers if it be relating to the Sonos App you have downloaded or trying to connect an additional device to your network of Zone Players you will definitely find your answers hidden along this Sonos Support Bible.
  10. Sonos App

    This is one of the things that they have done extremely well by trying as hard as the can (and doing well) at not limiting you to what service you can stream your music from because let’s face it not everyone uses napster. It will also bring in your fill iTunes library and playlists so you can select music from your already expanding collection of tunes.
So to wrap it up, if you manage to get your head around the price of this nifty piece of kit (Sonos Play:3 + Free Bridge at £259) then you will be in love with the quality that this system provides you with. If you are a Wireless Multi Room obsessed god then Sonos is still the way for you to go, if the Play:3 does not supply enough power for you then you can always upgrade to its older brother (formerly named S5) the Sonos Play:5. If you can afford to pay the money then do it as this is just an awesome bit of kit.


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